This year, the Symposium’s message was "Our Focus is Clear". The event was hailed as a "fabulous" experience of collaboration by scientists and family members; "I truly enjoyed participating in the 10th World Symposium of the Vision of Children Foundation, learned a lot, made new contacts, and consolidated other ones," said Dr. Lluis Montoliu, a CSIC Research Scientist at the Spanish National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB) in Madrid, Spain, “…I returned home with lots of notes and ideas to explore and further discuss. This is the way to advance our understanding of albinism in order to be able to devise innovative therapies to alleviate or fix the associated visual impairment.”

The 10th World Symposium on Genetic Vision Disorders brought together the world’s top genetic vision researchers to share and collaborate on their ongoing unpublished work. This Symposium marked the tenth time this group has gathered, due to the sponsorship of The Vision of Children Foundation (VOC).  Over the past two decades, the Foundation's mission has been to find cures for hereditary childhood blindness and vision disorders. It has played a leading role in encouraging scientific exploration of genetically caused vision disorders.

The world of vision science is on the brink of many discoveries that are already leading to treatments for a variety of vision disorders. With our Symposiums, we hold the hope of unlocking discoveries through the collaboration and sharing of knowledge that may truly lead to new treatments and cures in the near future.