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The Vision of Children Foundation has implemented a Membership Program called, “Eye” Care for the Cure Community, designed exclusively for the eye care community. Membership support is essential in advancing research that will cure hereditary childhood blindness and related vision disorders in the near future. 

As advocates for the visually impaired community, we are ambassadors of the audacious mission that Vision of Children initiated 30 years ago – to cure hereditary childhood blindness and vision disorders, and to improve the quality of life of visually impaired children and their families. We hope you will participate in the membership program at some level.



Alladina, Nadia 

Benevento, Tarsha 

Hardage, Vivian & Sam 

Kaplow, Lawrence 

Miller, Stephanie 

Polevoy, Gina & Stuart (in honor of Erika Polevoy) 

Portnoy, Hillary 

Primak, Karen 

Scott, Jeff & Lisa 

Sheehan, Sara 

Urwiler, Carla & Robert


Cahr, Naoma & Michael* 

Griffin, Tom 

Johnson, Kristen & Gregg* 

Plansky, Lois & Marv* 

Scott, Jeff & Lisa (in honor of Bev Scott’s birthday)


Buchanan, Kellye & Trevor 

Byzak, Amanda & Aaron 

Duggan, Tammy & Gerard 

Hensley, Sherry 

Shah, Rajendra* 

Wagner, Diane* 

Ankenman, Jerrilyn* 

Ledford, Keith* 

Plansky, Lois & Marv* (in honor of Judy Saferstein’s 80th Birthday